Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy New Year from The Hamilton 7!

Karen Ancheta, Tor Lukasik Foss and Josh Taylor at the first Hamilton 7: A Night of Stories
Our inaugual show on December 18 featured a diverse mix of stories.  With a packed house our first show was a sure hit.  The audience response was so very positive and we look forward to many more evenings of story. 

Josh shared a story of his invented childhood superhero Red Lightning while Karen told us about her of living in a Philipino Canadian family, especially her connection with her grandfather.  

Dave delivered a story from Canadian history which was stunning and shocking.  I couldn't help but think how I don't remember hearing such stories in my high school history class.  Both Dave and I (Lisa) will be working on some new shocking stories to bring out in future shows. 

Hitoko surprised the audience with her story of being chosen to be in the Broadway Touring production of The King and I with Yul Brynner.  Her description of Bernie, the interpretive dance teacher in hot pink tights and bleached spiky hair was priceless.  

I told a tale about an unlikely meeting in a Toronto cab connecting two long lost friends from Prague. 

Tor finished off the evening with a hilarious tale of Christmas Magic on Christmas Eve at his first girlfriends family dinner.  

Darla and Sheldon were performing in Regina and we hope to see them in future episodes!

We are looking forward to a great new year and hope that you will join us January 15 for our second night of stories!

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