Thursday, July 13, 2017

Tales from The Hamilton 7 at the Hamilton Fringe 2017

The Hamilton Seven have been working hard on some excellent stories that will be shared at The Hamilton Fringe. It is the first time we have done something this ambitious and we are very excited.
People have asked if all the tellers will be at each show, and we made a decision that each show will feature 4 tellers. Here is a detailed schedule for who is telling and on which date and times.
We hope to see you there!

Thurs July 20- 8:55  Dave, Sheldon, Hitoko, Lisa
Fri 21- 9:50  Sheldon, Darla, Corin, Karen
Sat 22- 7:00  Dave, Tor, Hitoko, Lisa
Sunday 23- 2:00  Sheldon, Darla, Karen, Corin
Monday 24- 6:45   Dave, Tor, Hitoko, Lisa
Wed 26- 7:30  Sheldon, Darla, Karen, Corin
Thurs 27- 9:05   Sheldon, Tor, Hitoko, Lisa
Fri 28- 8:35   Sheldon, Darla, Karen, Corin
Sat 29- 7:30  Corin, Tor, Lisa, Darla
Sunday 30- 5:50  Sheldon, Darla, Karen, Corin, Tor and Lisa

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